Concept of BARE RUMP

Premier Tribute To AC/DC

The concept of BARE RUMP was formed in 2000 during the first year of AC/DCs Stiff Upper Lip North American Tour. Founding members Angie Sandow and Lloyd Walsh decided that they wanted to form an AC/DC Tribute Band, which captured the energy of AC/DC, and allowed their audience to have fun while rocking to some of the best songs ever written.

Let There Be BARE RUMP!!

BARE RUMP has become just that! For those folks who have seen AC/DC perform, BARE RUMP allows their audience to recapture the fun, which they experienced at concerts over the years. For those who have never seen AC/DC, BARE RUMP will prove to be the next best thing! Audiences love our fantastic hard pounding rhythm, and our singers interaction with the crowd.

Are You Ready For A GOOD TIME?

And then there’s our female ANGUS! Look out! This girls got rhythm, and amazes audiences with her unique Angus style, using a prosthetic device to play! Our Angus loves to toy with the crowd. With the cordless SG, you never know where our Angus will be playing next which allows the crowd to experience personal performances!! For those of you who rock through all of the sets, you will learn why the band has chosen the name BARE RUMP

BARE RUMP has wowed audiences throughout the GTA and outlying areas including (but not limited to) Mississauga, Hamilton, Oshawa, Whitby, Port Dalhousie, Orangeville, Blyth and Newmarket.

The members of BARE RUMP also believe strongly in donating their time for a variety of causes. Examples of this include Ride for Site at The Wolfs Howl in the spring of 2003, and The Heart and Stroke Foundation at Apple Jacks in the summer of 2003.

2005 will be the year of raising funds to support The Myelin Project.

Myelin related diseases include Multiple Sclerosis, Adrenoleukodystrophy (as protrayed in the movie Lorenzo’s Oil), and other Leukodystrophies such as Krabbe’s Disease.

BARE RUMP is comitted to raising $2000+ towards this worthy cause through the sale of LIMITED EDITION t-shirts at each gig in 2005.

For information on the bands members, please see their bios